Luminex was set up in 1991 by Mal Marise Jones, specialising in providing glazing solutions including bespoke designs for windows, doors, glazing systems and roofs in new build refurbishment, renovation and one off projects throughout the UK.

Our expertise

in sourcing the correct product from leading suppliers has benefited our customers for many years. With skilled installers capable of dealing with the most demanding projects, we have built a customer base encompassing architects, builders, developers and individual customers.


use a variety of materials to provide comfort, style and security. From listed buildings to new developments, we offer a tailored, personal service to satisfy our customers’ specific needs.

Providing an extensive range

of products and knowledge, our suppliers are industry leaders and our close-knit team of installers bring quality of service. Working with the latest in aluminium and glass technology, we can work with you to design a space which fits all your requirements for both residential and commercial clients getting you the desired end result.

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“I bought a big modern house on the North Norfolk coast. I bought it because it has the best view I have ever seen, out over the marshes and creeks to the dunes and sea beyond. The one thing I was not going to change were the windows and doors which were nice concertina-folding wood-framed affairs. My (very grown-up) daughter told me to chuck them out. They were obstructing the view. Reluctantly I obeyed and went along to Mal and Luminex. Mal replaced every window, some of them over 200 square feet, with aluminium-framed new sliding windows and doors. The house has been transformed. Thanks to Mal you are taken through the window and out to the view. The job was done at a very reasonable price considering its magnitude and was also done on schedule with a minimum of fuss. I am doing another place in London. I think so highly of Mal I have asked him to quote on that.”

Anonymous, North Norfolk